Annoyances, and sometimes solutions.

Speeding up Adobe reader plugin

Clicking on a PDF link in the browser spawns the Adobe reader plugin, which takes an interminable time (several seconds) to load all of its plugins. You can disable these plugins, though.

Hibernation fails

All of a sudden, going into hibernate mode isn't working. XP changes the setting to "Stand by," instead. It looks like this was caused by upgrading the amount of memory. See "When you experience this problem, the hibernate feature is not available on the computer until you restart the computer. This problem typically occurs when the computer uses 1 gigabyte (GB) or more of RAM." There is a hotfix available on that page.

So many reboots!

Just in the initial setup, without installing my own software preferences, I must have been required to reboot a half-dozen times. No workaround on this one.

Automatic Update

I told it I don't want automatic updates, but it keeps nagging. This blog contains a lot of info around Auto Update settings. This message suggests disabling the Auto Update Service.

Norton Antivirus

is also nagging me, but I don't want to install it. I plan on installing Trend Micro, so this article may be useful in taming the beast.

Default Settings

Why are they so hard to find? I've installed Winamp, and associated it with every file format it knows, but the "default music player" is set to iTunes.

Deleting unwanted software

With Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs I uninstalled

With Control Panel->Add or Remove Windows Components I uninstalled


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